5 alternative experiences in Penang

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November 8 A day in Penang

There is a tendency for tourists to flock towards the famous landmarks and shopping malls in a new city. But where’s the fun in staring at buildings, and going through the same retail stores you can find back home? We let you in on a few things you probably didn’t know you could do in Penang, selected from a series of guides by PARKROYAL Picks, our new series of over 1000 travel guides available via a free-to-download mobile app.

1. Admire gorgeous vintage cameras at a museum

camera museum penang

The history of photography is laid out before your eyes at the Asia Camera Museum. Housing more than 1,000 cameras and photography paraphernalia, its impressive collection includes an antique Magic Lantern projector from the early 1900s that’s powered by an oil lamp. Take the chance to get your hands on a piece of vintage machinery, and learn how to develop film, and repair cameras the old-fashioned way. Discover more specialty museums Penang has to offer in this guide.

2. Surround yourself with 15,000 free-flying butterflies 

Entopia butterfly park penang
Image: Ah Wei (Lung Wei)

It feels like stepping into a fantasy world, a Garden of Eden of sorts that abounds with nature and beautiful creatures, when you’re at Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm. Located a conveniently quick nine-minute car ride from PARKROYAL Penang Resort, this nature reserve park is the biggest butterfly and dragonfly enclosure in Malaysia. Check out the other choice places in Penang you can visit to get your daily dose of nature here.

3. Visit an art garden 

art garden penang

Located 20 minutes away from PARKROYAL Penang Resort by car, it may take you slightly longer to reach Art and Garden by Fuan Wong, but this unconventional garden is certainly worth the journey. Fuan combined his love for glass art and gardening to create this 8-acre masterpiece, filled with greenery, glass sculptures, as well as paintings, mosaics, and ceramic installations by other artists. If you’re into making more artistic discoveries in the city, this guide has the low-down on the best spots for that.

4. Walk through a creepy, derelict graveyard

Image: Gawler History

For all those quirky adventurers with an affinity for spine-tingling burial grounds, complimentary Francis Light cemetery tours are offered on the last Sunday of each month. Don’t worry, though. The hour-long tour takes place in broad daylight at 2pm, so you won’t have to amble in the dark with a torch. Among the 500 moss-covered tombstones, some with rather unique epitaphs and backstories, is the grave of Captain Francis Light, the founder of Penang who died in 1794. For more walking trails and tours to check out in Penang, click here.

5. Satiate your appetite for local bites at a nutmeg factory

nutmeg penang

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory, one of the top spots in Penang for local food, is a family business with Mr Chang Kim Mun at the helm, known as the friendliest of proprietors, who is always enthused to share his knowledge about nutmegs, from the different parts of the seed and their purposes, to its health benefits. Guests are also offered a nutmeg drink on the house. Situated half an hour away from PARKROYAL Penang Resort by car, this humble, rustic factory also sells nutmeg oil, and nutmeg balm.

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Featured Image: Shankar S.

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