Go Island Hopping in Penang, Malaysia

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April 23 Boat in Penang Malaysia

Penang is one of Malaysia’s most visited islands, a laidback and multicultural location that offers a charming mix of old and new, both in its buildings and its lifestyle. It’s also a picturesque base for those wishing to explore the small and interesting islands that lie off its coast.

Experience the natural beauty of Penang’s island neighbours while enjoying the tranquillity and comfort of PARKROYAL Penang Resort, situated on the beautiful shoreline of Batu Ferringhi beach.

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Sunset at Batu Ferringhi beach.
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Pulau Aman

Pulau Aman, which means ‘Island of Peace’ in Malay, is a serene oasis just off the coast of Penang. This laidback setting is home to a small traditional Malay village with residents who welcome visitors with big smiles and friendly conversation. Spend the day exploring the 115-hectare expanse and try your hand at some of the villagers’ favourite pastimes, such as fishing, canoeing or a trek through the lush tropical jungle.
Monkey on Pulau Aman, Penang, Malaysia
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While on the island, be sure to stop by Telaga Emas(Golden Well). This fabled well has never ran dry since its construction in 1789 and is thought by many to bring good luck.

Pulau Aman is a short 10-minute boat ride from the mainland’s Batu Musang jetty. Boats depart from the jetty at 9:00am daily, with the last boat returning from the island at 6pm.

Pulau Gedung

Adjacent to Pulau Aman is the tiny island of Pulau Gedung. Once believed to be a favourite stomping ground for pirates, several sites on this island are named accordingly. Indulge your imagination as you explore the landscape and discover gems like Gua Lanun (Pirate’s Cave), Makam Purba (Ancient Tomb) and Batu Perompak (Pirate Rock) – home to the grave of pirate Captain Panglima Garang.
Penang Island Hopping, PARKROYAL Penang Resort
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To reach the island, simply hire a boat from Pulau Aman – ask our friendly concierge for more information.

Pulau Jerejak

Pulau Jerejak is a must-see sight when in Penang, and an attraction sure to intrigue all those who visit it. Located just a little off Penang’s south-eastern tip, the island has a rich, varied and chilling history. It was once a leper asylum and quarantine station in the 19th century and early 20th century. Then, in 1969, it opened as a maximum security prison and earned itself the moniker ‘The Alcatraz of Malaysia’.
Pulau Jerejak Pier - Penang Island Hopping, PARKROYAL Penang Resort
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The prison closed in 1993 and the island now is a haven for those seeking relaxation and outdoor activity, with popular activities including hiking, fishing and rock-climbing. Pulau Jerejak also has some of the oldest and most fascinating ecosystems in the world, with the island’s jungle, one of the few remaining rainforests in Malaysia, said to be more than 4,000 years old. Home to around 210 species of plants and many animals, Pulau Jerejak is a short boat ride from Penang’s Bayan Lepas jetty.

Pulau Payar

Ocean walk in Pulau Payar, Penang, Malaysia
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A little further north of Penang is Pulau Payar, the only marine park that lies off the coast of West Malaysia. Comprising four tiny islands, the water surrounding Pulau Payar is where the real excitement lies. Don your snorkel or scuba diving equipment and discover the vibrant sea life beneath the surface as you come face to face with unique coral reefs and colourful ocean dwellers. When not swimming in the sparkling waters, bask in the sun on the island’s pristine sands and relish the serenity. A variety of commercial tour operators run day trips to the Pulau Payar Marine Park.

Map of Penang islands, Malaysia

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