Where to Find the Biggest Trends in 2016

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January 4 Gourmet-Cronut

With 2016 on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to discover what to see, where to go and what to try in the New Year – all while bidding farewell to the trends gone by of 2015. From gourmet getaways to budget-friendly sharing services, PARKROYAL’s guide to 2016’s biggest trends has the inside scoop on what’s to come.

The Trend: Hipster Escapes


Image by: Acy Varlan, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Following the popularisation of off-the-beaten-track adventures that’s taken hold over the last few years, well-worn tourist trails will continue to take a backseat in favour of new, uncharted destinations. Major tourist cities will continue to be holiday hot spots in 2016, but visitors will trade the monuments and shopping malls for authentic adventures through up-and-coming suburbs instead.

Where to Try It: Kotor, Montenegro

Named the number one city to visit in 2016 by the world’s leading travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet, Kotor is officially forecast to be the most sought-after holiday destination in the New Year. A stark contrast to popular tourist destinations in Western Europe like Paris and London, this small fishing village has found itself in good company, with remote destinations like Botswana, Latvia and Uruguay topping the list of suggested itineraries.

The Trend: Over-the-Top Eats


Image by: Tavallai, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

From bacon-dusted cruffins to cronut-topped milkshakes, 2015 has seen its fair share of hybrid desserts – but fusion foods are set to escalate even further next year with unexpected flavour combinations taking centre stage. Expect to see inventive dishes like Cantonese-cum-Canadian Peking duck poutines and ice-cream sandwiches that trade traditional biscuits for doughnuts, churros, macarons and more.

Where to Try It: Melbourne, Australia

The epicurean epicentre of Australia, there’s no better way to try out this new brand of foodie tourism than by escaping to Melbourne. Eat your way through the city’s trendiest suburbs like Fitzroy, Southbank and St Kilda before retreating to the comfort of PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport, sampling one-of-a-kind dishes like popcorn doughnuts, pasta-stuffed sandwiches and pho-filled dumplings along the way.

The Trend: Sharing for Savings


As the world continues to shift towards collaborative consumerism, providers across a number of industries are expected to crop up in 2016, from car and apartment sharing services to one-off pet sitters and personal assistants. Of these, the automobile industry is anticipated to grow the most rapidly, with companies like GoGet, Uber and Zipcar projected to further expand their presence globally.

Where to Try It: Singapore, Southeast Asia

With many of these services available in countries across the globe, it will be easy to give these trends a try if you’re on the road in 2016 – but the city-state of Singapore is the best stop if you want to be at the forefront of the movement, where everything from automobiles to home-cooked meals are offered using a share-based model. No matter where you find yourself, however, these new additions to the global sharing economy are sure to enhance your trip, with affordable car hires, authentic local cuisine and convenient taxi alternatives all available at your fingertips.

The Trend: Health Food 2.0

From gluten-free to paleo and everything in between, the ever-evolving health food craze will continue to thrive in 2016, trading superfoods like kale, acai and quinoa for a new host of good-for-you ingredients. At the top of the list, matcha – a finely ground green tea powder – is anticipated to make its way into mainstream cuisine around the world, appearing in lattes, desserts and savoury dishes alike. Meanwhile, insects are forecast to find their way into food, providing an all-natural boost of protein in the form of breakfast cereals and snack bars.

Where to Try It: Bali, Indonesia

A favourite destination for health-conscious travellers, Bali is the perfect place to road-test the latest feel-good foods to hit the market. Complete your rejuvenating retreat with guided meditations, daily yoga and invigorating spa treatments for an idyllic start to 2016.

The Trend: Gourmet Staycations


A welcome disruption to the queuing culture generated by the no-booking policy of popular restaurants in 2015, the growing market of online delivery services will see even more 5-star restaurants offer their elegant menus in the comfort of your own home – or hotel. While it will always be trendy to see and be seen in big city hotspots, 2016 is slated to be all about convenience with companies like Suppertime and Deliveroo leading the charge.

Where to Try It: Sydney, Australia

Although it’s still exclusive to major cosmopolitan centres, this new take on a-la-carte at home is the perfect way to upgrade your in-room experience. Plan a stay at PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney and unwind in style before delighting in world-class dishes in the comfort of your suite, from Chef Sam Christie’s ultra-modern Indian cuisine to Gelato Messina’s world-famous desserts.

Bonus Trend: Virtual Reality

If you’d prefer to experience 2016’s trends from the comfort of your own home, you may be in luck. Technology experts anticipate 2016 will see virtual reality become more mainstream, with new consoles scheduled to hit the shelves throughout the year. Rather explore the world the old fashioned way? Tick off 2016’s trends one destination at a time with a stay at one of PARKROYAL’s exciting and convenient locations worldwide.

Featured Image by: Cynthinee, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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